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a borough of Greater London on the Thames

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There was no 'first' in the case, Gruff and Glum made out; the cherubic parent was bearing down and crowding on direct for Greenwich church, to see his relations.
And by this time the cherubic parent was so fearful of surprise, that, but for the two wooden legs on which Gruff and Glum was reassuringly mounted, his conscience might have introduced, in the person of that pensioner, his own stately lady disguised, arrived at Greenwich in a car and griffins, like the spiteful Fairy at the christenings of the Princesses, to do something dreadful to the marriage service.
Pa was, at first, in the stirred depths of his conscience, so far from sure of being safe yet, that he made out majestic matrons lurking in ambush among the harmless trees of Greenwich Park, and seemed to see a stately countenance tied up in a well-known pocket- handkerchief glooming down at him from a window of the Observatory, where the Familiars of the Astronomer Royal nightly outwatch the winking stars.
Now, the supervising dignitary, the Archbishop of Greenwich, knew this as well as if he had performed the nuptial ceremony.
Here the Archbishop of Greenwich coughed a stately cough to attract the attention of three of his ministers present, and staring at them, seemed to say: 'I call upon you by your fealty to believe this
Greenwich restaurant opened in Gudaibiya last month during a launch attended by Philippine Ambassador Alfonso Ver, who was apparently misled into believing it was legitimate.
com)-- After six months of darkened windows, the space adjacent to the Rummage Room and Upper Crust Bagel Shop in Old Greenwich, CT has been re-modeled and is now home to the newly opened Old Greenwich Fine Wines.
HFF announced that it has arranged $96 million in financing for Greenwich Place and Greenwich Oaks, Class A multi-housing communities totaling 396 units in Greenwich, Connecticut.
It's easy to generate revulsion, disdain, and even hate for people associated with unpleasant incidents in life, but one man, Douglas Greenwich, learned the hard way not to let loathing guide his actions.
SEYMOUR, CT--The Greenwich Workshop, a publisher of limited-edition fine-art prints and canvases, in conjunction with The Greenwich Workshop Gallery, presents its inaugural "Small Works North America" exhibition and competition.
Nearly 60 percent of the large European companies participating in a new research study by Greenwich Associates say they engaged the services of an M & A advisor in 2005--up sharply from the 51 percent saying they used an advisor in 2004.
microti from rodents captured in the yards of two patients in whom babesiosis was diagnosed at Greenwich Hospital in 2002.
On This Day 1884: Greenwich, England hasbeen the home of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) since 1884.
Greenwich has been visited by English royalty over the centuries, has served as a place of refuge for the wealthy from the plagues that swept the countryside, has been the residence of Samuel Pepys and many other historical figures, and sports the docking facilities at which visiting dignitaries arrived.
Vanilla Beer is a professional artist who graduated in theology from the University of Greenwich as a mature student.