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a belt of parks or rural land surrounding a town or city


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It will look at how current greenways can be developed and maintained to boost cycling, walking and horse riding facilities, plus the potential for extending the greenway network in the borough.
Then come in from the cold and join Wachusett Greenways for cold cider or hot chocolate and treats including ginger snaps.
The centre-piece of the funding will be a 4 million world-class greenway running over 40kms between the towns of Athlone and Mullingar.
Great Rivers Greenway, a public organization developing an interconnected system of trails and greenways to make the region a better place to live, encompasses St.
Currently Greenways has around nine pupils to a class with a range of learning and psychological disabilities.
The greenways don't only help the neighborhoods, they protect native species.
It's a shame when greenways and trails become eyesores because of illegal dumping.
4-acre vacant lot that had been used as an illegal dumping ground into a park featuring waterfront access at the start of the Bronx River Greenway.
GUELPH, Ontario-It's been a busy 16 months at Greenway Home Products.
But now some relatively new arrivals on the MLM scene - such as the unmistakably green-sounding companies Greenway and Natural World - are looking to prove that the grass is even greener on their side of the fence.
Greenways have become a cornerstone of conservation management in the past two decades.
school and recreation areas and would enhance the aesthetic appearance of these greenways.
The Mayor, former Kirklees Cabinet member for transport, is a passionate supporter of greenways.
Wachusett Greenways invites residents to share photographs or paintings for the program "Where in Wachusett?
Volunteers also planted 110 native trees and a native plant species garden around the base of a new greenways sign that was provided by the City of Pittsburgh.