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That was our biggest growth year for Greenware, which has been growing every year.
Dry all hand-built and wheel-thrown greenware immediately--both glazed and unglazed--overnight in the kiln, with bottom thermostat set on lowest heat.
Handmade pottery often has little ridges where the coils are joined, while greenware has a more "perfect" look and feel.
The use of slip glaze in decorating and embellishing of ceramics is important and must be encouraged in order to reduce cost of ceramic production, as the glaze can be fired from greenware to gloss temperature.
The Greenware used in service has one of the lowest carbon footprints for disposable products.
She applies underglazes to her greenware forms and after the application of a clear glaze the figures are usually fired to 1100[degrees]C.
His mother ran a commercial ceramics shop, selling unfinished greenware to schools for pottery classes.
Longquan potters began making these porcellaneous celadons in the 12th century, continuing a highly-prized greenware tradition, known as Yue ware, that had been made in the north of Zhejiang for centuries.
The company also offers Pro-Kal, a full line of round deli containers, and Greenware, a new line of 100% compostable corn-based cups.
I work with whiteware as opposed to greenware, which in the end has to be fired.
Additionally, the judges were so impressed with GreenWare, a competing team from Columbia University, that they awarded a $100,000 second place prize to the company.
They also aid in promoting a dried glaze's adhesion on a clay surface, whether greenware or bisque.
Many of Richard Shaw's distinct ceramics produced primarily under those exceptional circumstances are identifiable by their particular painterly surfaces replacing the usual slick graphics, their surreal compositional arrangements bordering sometimes on magic realism and especially in the Andover stint the appearance of kidnapped anonymous greenware bibelots, the usual generic hobby paraphernalia consisting among the catalogue, of Blue Boy, a cat, an elephant and even Santa Claus.
Fabri-Kal Extends its Greenware Family of Products II-37
GLAZING TIPS To avoid pitting and pinholes in your glaze, be sure your greenware is free of dust before applying glaze.
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