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someone responsible for the maintenance of a golf course

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Now, the golf course superintendent has replaced the greenskeeper, and science is rapidiy replacing art in the profession of greens maintenance.
And most of the permanent, full-time jobs that are created, such as those of greenskeepers, maintenance workers, and pro shop salespeople, offer low wages and minimal training.
In addition to its Golf Spirit[TM] and Ultralite Golf Spirit[TM] shoes, known as "the world's lightest golf shoes," Dawgs Golf also offers a line of high-comfort, ultra-soft men's and women's for greenskeepers and course maintenance staff, and its Tracker[TM] collection of extreme-comfort, slip-resistant footwear for kitchen, restaurant, and clubhouse workers.
Whatever Harvey based his opinion on, it had an effect on the way many current greenskeepers approach their jobs.
The album will feature Tom under his Sugardaddy moniker and tracks from Greenskeepers and The Aliens.
Greenskeepers raced to repair all 18 holes of Woodley Golf Course by today and all 18 holes of Balboa Golf Course by Wednesday.
Also included are greenskeepers, landscape laborers, and lawn-service workers.
GolfLinx has revolutionized this process by empowering golf course superintendents and greenskeepers with the information they need to water only when the course actually requires it, helping to conserve water, improve turf quality and significantly decreasing costs.
It's top notch house action from the enigmatic Greenskeepers and Krafty Kuts swashbuckling mix of dance is always a treat
Since we were just a pair and not a foursome, the greenskeepers paired us with two other men, two delightful gentlemen from Birmingham, Ala.
Greenskeepers were limited in where they could place pins because, given today's mower technology, the greens are cropped much closer than they were 40 years ago and the grass no longer will hold a ball on an 8 to 10 percent slope.
Made of plastic or rubber, nonmetal cleats are proving a boon to greenskeepers and golfers alike, leaving putting surfaces and feet in consistently good shape and sometimes producing two endorsements in one:
The new product is a portable device that enables greenskeepers to spot-check any area of the green for instant data on soil moisture, salinity and temperature, for better watering and fertilization management.
Guests: Jon Carters (May6), Greenskeepers (May 13) & Funky Transport (May 20)
Greenskeepers at the nation's 17,000 golf courses say the genetically modified grass would allow them to blanket-spray rather than spot-apply Roundup to greens and fairways, saving tons of money.