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the largest island in the world

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In a pooled analysis of Greenlandic and Ukrainian children, the RR for a 1-ln-unit increase in PFOA was positive, but not statistically significant (RR = 1.
1]rgensbye from DTU in Denmark has been investigating the reef further The first ever Greenlandic reef is located in southwest Greenland and was formed by cold-water corals with hard limestone skeletons.
Chapter 7 not only summarises the archaeological interpretations and implications of all of the isotope results but also incorporates other lines of evidence, particularly radiocarbon dates from human skeletal samples, to provide a detailed discussion of Greenlandic Norse dietary patterns.
Sales manager Martin Pedersen, Arctic Import, says, "We are marking the one-year anniversary of the lifestyle store Arctic Living in Nuuk in May 2013 - and we would like to celebrate this with an original Greenlandic idea - a designer chair in sealskin.
The group's music mixes Inuit drumsongs with R&B, world music, gospel, reggae and jazz, and includes vocal harmonies and a cappella arrangements of Yup'ik and Greenlandic drumsongs.
Cultural Encounters at Cape Farewell: The East Greenlandic Immigrants and the German Moravian Mission in the Nineteenth Century.
The section on Iceland focuses on landscape and natural history; then comes a chapter about the use of Greenlandic utensils and travel technologies by European explorers; next, the book takes a linguistic turn with highly specialized chapters that explore the complexities of morphology, grammar, and orthography in Greenland and the Faroes.
all in Greenlandic, Southern Tutchone, North Slavey, and Inuktitut, as well as English, and of course, the common language--music.
Due to the relative inaccessibility of many northern Greenlandic Inuit communities, tourism is still relatively new and undeveloped.
But, of course, that just made me want to try that much harder to make sure I was successful in my attempt to cross the Greenlandic Ice cap.
Among specific topics are Sadock and the performadox, pseudo-apologies in the news, West Greenlandic evidence against a morphological tier of linguistic representation, English derived nominals in three frameworks, and evidence for grammatical multi-modality from a corpus of non-native essays.
Those estimates put the oil reserves in Greenlandic waters at some 52 billion oil barrels, 17 billion of which would lie between the island s west coast and the eastern coast of Canada s Baffin island, and 31.
in West Greenlandic (Eskimo-Aleut, Greenland; see Fortescue 1984 : 289), the interrogative mood markers are mood-person portmanteau suffixes and the marking of person is thus formally affected by interrogation.