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It was the idea also, that this same spermaceti was that quickening humor of the Greenland Whale which the first syllable of the word literally expresses.
It is the Great Mysticetus of the English naturalists; the Greenland Whale of the English whalemen; the Baliene Ordinaire of the French whalemen; the Growlands Walfish of the Swedes.
Some pretend to see a difference between the Greenland whale of the English and the right whale of the Americans.
Commonly referred to as the Greenland whale, bowhead whales in the eastern North Atlantic have been observed in the waters north of Iceland and as far east as the Laptev Sea.
Scoresby (1820) found Greenland whale stomachs contained predominantly small crustaceans he called "squillae and shrimps.
According to a careful calculation I have made, and which I partly base upon Captain Scoresby's estimate, of seventy tons for the largest sized Greenland whale of sixty feet in length; according to my careful calculation, I say, a Sperm Whale of the largest magnitude, between eighty-five and ninety feet in length, and something less than forty feet in its fullest circumference, such a whale will weigh at least ninety tons; so that, reckoning thirteen men to a ton, he would considerably outweigh the combined population of a whole village of one thousand one hundred inhabitants.