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the largest island in the world

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Zhang Yuliang, Chairman and President of the Greenland Group, said, "Being optimistic about the steady business and bright business prospects of Rundong Auto are the reasons why we have become its controlling stockholder and formed strategic cooperation.
Kobashi and colleagues collected a roughly 500-meter-long sample of glacier ice from Greenland and sliced off sections that formed as early as 2,100 years ago.
This means that approximately 6,000 of the 56,000 people in Greenland are newcomers or immigrants, most of whom move to Greenland due to a new job or secondment.
Commissioner Piebalgs said: The signing of this programme is a clear indication of both the commitment of the European Union to the sustainable development of Greenland and the willingness of both sides to maintain the long and lasting links between us.
An outlet glacier located in the northeast part of Greenland has declined 12.
Professor Bamber said that the Greenland ice sheet has contributed more than any other ice mass to sea level rise over the last two decades and has the potential, if it were completely melted, to raise global sea level by more than seven metres.
Greenland Group, one of Egypt's biggest cheese producers, announced in a press release its plans to cooperate with Tetra Pak to start production on its A3/Speed production line.
Previously, the absence of lakes in Greenland had been explained by the fact that steeper ice surface in Greenland leads to any water below the ice being "squeezed out" to the margin, the researchers said.
Instead, Greenland signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding for a joint venture to develop phase one and phase two of the project including infrastructure, a platform and residential units.
Managing director Allan Frost, Arctic Import, says: "The agreement implies that Greenland Contractors' procurements from more than 300 different suppliers are gathered in one place, at Arctic Import.
As a result, many countries have a new interest in Greenland, a vast territory off the coast of Canada that has been ruled by Denmark since the 18th century.
Cairn, which launched its campaign in Greenland in 2007, will switch its focus to a licence in the Baffin Bay area of offshore Greenland in 2012 with Norwegian explorer Statoil, which is a 30% partner in the block.
The map of Greenland in the atlas shows a marked reduction in ice cover, compared with the previous edition published four years ago.
Nuuk, Greenland/Stockholm, Rajab 2, 1432 / Jun 4, 2011, SPA -Greenland police on Saturday arrested 18 members of Greenpeace, hours after the activists boarded an exploration oil rig off western Greenland, according to dpa.