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The United States, which hasn't ratified the treaty, allied with major oil producers and some developing countries and attempted to derail plans for a 2005 meeting to discuss greenhouse-gas reductions after 2012.
Bush unveiled an alternative to the 1997 pact on curbing global warming, calling for voluntary limits on greenhouse-gas emissions by companies instead of mandatory reductions.
The achievement of a greenhouse-gas neutral position through the use of green energy gives our corn-derived polymer a significant competitive advantage versus other polymers, such as PET - specifically, a more than than 65 percent reduction in fossil fuel used to manufacture a commercial-grade plastic.
Japan will not be able to meet the greenhouse-gas reduction target set by the 1997 Kyoto Protocol without introducing tougher measures to curb global warming, an Environment Ministry panel said Thursday.
The findings, to be presented next week to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Montreal, are documented in the first large-scale case studies on the economic impact of reducing greenhouse-gas pollution.
Amid rising international criticism of his policies on greenhouse-gas emissions, Bush acknowledged the problem but offered few specific proposals to counter it.
That international agreement seeks to substantially reduce greenhouse-gas emissions from industrial nations by the year 2012.
One of Wall Street's most trusted names is taking action to reduce its greenhouse-gas emissions," said Jon Sohn, Sr.
Fresh approaches may cut back greenhouse-gas emissions
We hope our experiences will be useful for other businesses interested in getting started with greenhouse-gas management programs.
Six months later, it must publish guidelines not only for the voluntary industrial reporting of greenhouse-gas emissions, but also for the annual collection of data on reductions in those emissions -- both intentional (such as through fuel switching and tree planting) and unintentional (such as through plant closings).
In the meantime, BRT member CEOs will apply their best management thinking to make American companies among the most greenhouse-gas efficient in the world.
Scientists and policymakers are anxious to determine whether this climate change stems from greenhouse-gas pollution or from entirely natural processes.
Delegates from the Climate Change Convention's approximately 150 signatory nations have appealed to the established and emerging industrial powers to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions.
Despite uncertainties in the science of predicting global climate change, the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) urges immediate action to curb greenhouse-gas emissions by reducing fossil-fuel consumption, promoting energy conservation, and improving solar and nuclear-energy technologies.