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Greenhouse gases are gases that trap heat in the atmosphere and contribute to global warming.
In the future, the program may be extended to include other sources of greenhouse gas emissions, and greenhouse gases other than [CO.
And in 2006 the state assembly passed its landmark Global Warming Solutions Act limiting the output of greenhouse gases there to 1990 levels by 2020.
The nation's leading climatologists endorsed a prediction made Thursday by British scientists that a resurgent El Nino, coupled with persistently high levels of greenhouse gases, will likely make this year the hottest on record.
He was one of the first scientists to propose a high-altitude cooling effect of greenhouse gases.
Indeed, if the Medieval Warm Period was just as warm or warmer than today, something other than anthropogenic (human-caused) greenhouse gases must drive climate.
This means that to limit future warming, actions would need to be taken soon to slow the buildup of greenhouse gases.
Carbon trading allows a country to 'buy' the right to emit greenhouse gases.
If global warming is due to anthropogenic greenhouse gases, is the key gas methane, carbon dioxide or water vapour?
Nuclear and noncarbon-based renewable sources such as wind and solar power do not directly create greenhouse gases.
6]): common uses--in electrical-equipment insulation, aluminum production, manufacture of computer chips and other semiconductors; ranked the most-destructive of greenhouse gases
Pollution greenhouse gases from transport were 47% higher in 2002 than in 1990, according to new figures.
Both sets of researchers still firmly maintain that greenhouse gases are the most important man-made influence on climate.
This approach is disappointing in that it minimizes the potential environmental threats of climate change, ignores our nation's responsibility for a significant share of the world's greenhouse gas emissions, and provides less leadership than we would like to see for energy conservation, energy-efficient technologies, and actions to sequester and store greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide.