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According to the study, light rail has a larger effect in reducing greenhouse gas emissions than other transport modes such as cars and buses, Mr Corbell said.
0, is an automated, electronic data management information system designed to gather greenhouse gas emissions and energy usage data from exploration and production, refining and marketing, petrochemicals, transportation, electricity generation, manufacturing, real estate and coal activities.
Climate change is one of the most compelling issues in the world today, and we are pleased with our success in reducing emissions and in helping to change the way utilities reduce greenhouse gas emissions through a trading market," said Chris Dutton, President and Chief Executive Officer of Green Mountain Power.
PSE's agreement to work with CCX on greenhouse gas emissions is consistent with its commitment to reduce the impact of its energy production activities on the environment while meeting the energy demands of its growing customer base.
Under the agreement, Suncor has an option to buy up to an additional 10 million tons of greenhouse gas emission reductions over a 10-year period, starting in 2001.
EcoSecurities also works with companies in the developed world to assist them in meeting their greenhouse gas emission compliance targets.
The company earned the distinction by voluntarily gathering and reporting its greenhouse gas emissions inventory with the organization, of which it is a member.
Summary: ALGIERS- Energy and Mines Minister Youcef Yousfi on Monday has expressed hope that the United Nations Convention on Climate Change recognizes the carbon dioxide (CO2) capture and storage as new technology in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
These arguments may be true, but the net benefits of a greenhouse gas emission control strategy do not mean that there are not real short-term costs to controlling emissions.
The proposal, starting with forestry in 2008 and adding the agriculture and waste sectors at the last stage in 2013, will "substantially" and "cost effectively" reduce the nation's greenhouse gas emission levels, said Climate Change Issues Minister David Parker.
Abstract: The main goal of this scientific debate is an estimate of greenhouse gas emission in Republic of Croatia until the year 2012.
But now, obtaining greenhouse gas emission permits for a new coal-fired plant in Europe can cost more than the coal itself.
and one from the UK, which compared the estimated greenhouse gas emissions due to vegetarian and non-vegetarian diets.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published proposed revisions to greenhouse gas emissions reporting requirements for 24 industries, including stationary fuel combustion sources at metalcasting facilities and industrial waste landfills.
The country's greenhouse gas emissions were the biggest since fiscal 2008 when emission reduction requirements under the Kyoto Protocol started.
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