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I could show you dozens of stores around the country with specialist shops right next to them, such as greengrocers and butchers.
It found greengrocers and market stalls stocked more and were cheaper.
It must have been quite a busy thoroughfare as there were a variety of businesses trading from there at that time, ie, coal merchants, butchers, bakeries, greengrocers, builders and a pub called The Gardeners Arms.
Volunteers visited 166 supermarkets, 74 greengrocers and 48 market stalls in late October for the survey.
Around 100 volunteers visited 166 supermarkets, 74 greengrocers and 48 market stalls in late October to conduct the survey.
Mr White's daughter Vivien still runs the only remaining Betty White greengrocers in Broughty Ferry.
MOBILE greengrocers say the vital service they provide to elderly people in villages around Coventry could be lost if Barras Heath Wholesale Market closes.
His aim is to stop the incorrect use of apostrophes at greengrocers, butchers, and supermarkets.
But one suspects that if they wanted an apple, they would have gone to a greengrocers in the first place.
My auntie, Sally Rooney, married and opened a greengrocers in Hopwood Street.
The children are encouraged to eat the fruit, from Stokes the greengrocers, as part of their five-a-day fruit and vegetable target.
The environmental campaign group found, in a survey of 166 supermarkets, 74 greengrocers and 48 market stalls, that the average amount of British apples stocked by the supermarkets was just 39% of their range.
The UK Food Market: 2001 shows greengrocers and street markets have dropped from 18% to 13%, while grocers and farm shops have remained constant at 4% each.
Scores of people have voiced their concerns over plans to turn a former greengrocers into a betting shop.
Although 96 per cent of us regularly go to the supermarket, specialist shops like greengrocers and bakers are increasing in popularity.