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sweet green or greenish-yellow variety of plum

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We were selling Discovery apples, Czar and Belle plums, along with Cambridge and Oullin greengages, blackberries, and some delicious white peaches, and a few bottles of fruit juices made back at the base.
The boy holds the greengage in his hand, brings it to his mouth, bites, and the fruit darts its tongue against the back of his throat so that he swallows its promise.
BRULEE OF FOIE GRAS, GREENGAGES, CASHEW STREUSEL, AND TOASTED BRIOCHE Ingredients 1 foie gras (tins/jars available in delis) 1 leaf of gelatine 166g cashew nuts Plain flour Butter 6g salt 20 greengages 100ml white wine vinegar 130g sugar Method De-vein the foie gras, wrap in muslin and submerge in table salt for 20 hours.
You can also use this recipe for greengages, damsons or Bullace plums.
Marks & Spencer have a wine sale until January 31, including classy Argentinian Tupungato Chardonnay 2008 (M&S), with flavours of greengages and peaches and a toasty, creamy quality from careful ageing in oak.
A Although the English plum season will be a little late this year due to the very wet summer, you will see greengages coming onto the shelf soon and are well worth trying.
Tomatoes, courgettes, peppers, aubergines and artichokes; melons, strawberries, greengages, apricots, quince to name but a few, are of a sun-ripened quality that gives them just the ripest of flavour.
IF YOU'VE blown the old greengages already this week then you'll probably be buying Mother's Day flowers from a petrol station forecourt.
95), which according to the wine list oozes greengages, baked apples, tropical fruit and a hint of vanilla.
Later in the year he hopes to expand UK interest in plums and greengages, pushing sales beyond the current 5,000 tonne mark.
For the cake: 10 ripe greengages 25g unrefined golden caster sugar A little fresh lemon juice 75g unsalted butter, softened 250g unrefined golden caster sugar 2 medium free-range eggs, separated 125ml milk 370g plain flour 2tsp baking powder A pinch of Maldon salt For the greengage compote: 6 greengages A little unrefined golden caster sugar A splash of fresh lemon juice Extras: 1 x 8" cake tin 1 small tub clotted cream A little butter, for lining the tin Method: First, lightly butter and flour the cake tin and line with a disc of baking parchment.
That grand man of art Brian Sewell - the one with Harpo Marx hair and a pound of greengages in his voice box - likes to use it.
Plums - There is plenty of choice at the moment from the popular Victoria to sweet greengages.
Admittedly racing can be a dangerous old game but so can many other jobs where the greengages are a fraction of what Fallon coins in.