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English novelist and Catholic (1904-1991)

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The men wint back into the tents like jackals, an' the rest av the night there was no noise at all excipt the stip av the sinthry over the two, an' Scrub Greene blubberin' like a child.
Scrub Greene wint away widout a word, but Peg Barney, stiff wid the cowld, stud like a sheep, thryin' to make his orf'cer undherstand he was sorry for playin' the goat.
Nor did Bennett Greene, expert in military executions, ever again signify his presence at one.
Thor Equities has expanded its Greene Street portfolio by purchasing a vacant 3,750 s/f ground-floor retail co-op on Greene Street from Bisazza, an Italian mosaic company.
Alexander Greene Gracechild Publishing April 2005, $19.
Greene noted that in all the debates about whether to blame the guilty person or his damaged brain, we assume some nonphysical core self--a soul--that makes moral judgments.
The Life of Graham Greene, Volume Three: 1955-1991.
This fall, a full century after Greene's birth, his authorized biographer Norman Sherry is celebrating publication of the third and final volume of his massive book, The Life of Graham Greene.
Although Cornell University herpetologist Greene describes himself as a "total snakeophile," he says, "I was as blinkered as anybody else: But his view began to change one morning in 1995.
Greene, CPA, a partner in the accounting firm of McGovern & Greene in Chicago, agrees.
In 1997, former magazine editor Dawn Greene, 48, turned her worst nightmare into an opportunity.
If the planned relocation of Alabama's Greene County jail goes ahead as scheduled, prisoners may be sentenced to inhaling toxic waste as part of their incarceration.
Greene discusses, in detail, exactly what stress is and how it may manifest itself physically.
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