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a card that identifies the bearer as an alien with permanent resident status in the United States

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If you finish school or change jobs before your greencard arrives, you'll need to file a separate application to work here legally (2001 fee $100; 2004 fee $175).
There is a Woodland Card from the Royal Bank of Scotland, Greenpeace from the Co-operative and GreenCard from the Bank of Scotland.
Pay88 is confident that the Shanda Greencard as part of their product line will continue to strengthen Pay88's position in the distribution and game card reseller market.
Because members receive free Greencard membership, you should also read The Sporting Life to take advantage of their regular and marvellous offers.
Greencard Visa incorporates a carbon offset program 33
Members should remember that they receive free Greencard membership and, therefore, The Sporting Life is essential reading.
Profile: Greencard offsets the cardholder's carbon emissions 22
Last year, one fourth of greencard lottery applications were thrown out for `failure to properly follow directions'," said George Carenbauer, Steptoe & Johnson.
Don't forget, all our members receive free Greencard membership, so look in The Sporting Life for some great offers
if you haven't booked your place on the Greencard trip to Paris yet, you should do so right away
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