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of a bluish shade of green

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Analysis of the green-blue product showed that it contains a segment called oxalate - made of two CO2 molecules - which form a bridge linking two copper atoms together.
He is 5ft 11in, slim, with dark brown hair and green-blue eyes.
What do you think happens to Arctic ice as more of the green-blue sea is exposed?
The device uses electroluminescent technology to provide a green-blue light that provides three to five times greater visibility than other light sources in dark or smoky environments and does not affect night vision.
She is 5ft6in, white, of medium build with mousy blonde, shoulder-length hair and green-blue eyes.
In the space that opens up above the body, indeed originating from it, as called for by doctrine, a great variety of colors--from intense yellow to red, from green-blue to violet--explodes in an astonishing and momentous pyrotechnic phantasmagoria.
23 5/8 x 19 11/16 [inches]; all his paintings are vertical in format), Marioni, using a large roller, laid down four separate waves of acrylic paint: an indathrone ground, blue-black; a layer of ultramarine, a reddish blue, thin, completely transparent, virtually substanceless; a layer of thalo blue, a green-blue, relatively thick; and finally an extremely thin layer of cobalt blue, an opaque color but at that degree of dilution rendered translucent, almost but not quite a glaze.