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large tropical turtle with greenish flesh used for turtle soup

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Twice a month, he and his team use two 17-foot Whalers to make sweeps of an area called South Bay, netting green turtles and hauling them back to shore to be weighed, tagged, sampled and released as part of a new pathbreaking study.
These two green turtles, 106 and 150, are now being fondly looked after at the aquarium, where they are being force fed and given antibiotics and supplements to help improve their health.
The sightings of green turtles that we have collected over six years in and around the BSC study site is made up of more than 70 individual records.
Examples include the Kemp Ridley in the Gulf of Mexico and Green turtles in the Caribbean, which are doing quite well now.
Factual statements: Some of the bird species are the same as in England; many fish live in the waters; green turtles live on the shoals and reefs; lizards, snakes, and scorpions live on land; they saw only one dog; alligators live in the river and salt creeks; the native people are of medium height, with slender limbs and short black hair; the men have beards; the people are nomadic ["move about from place to place"] and live in a warm climate.
John, the smallest island of the territory, feature sea grass beds, green turtles and coral reefs.
Green turtles are endangered, but are also the most common type of turtle in many local waters in Bermuda.
This book begins by specifically focusing on the fate of the green turtles in Hawaii, but ends by showing how the fate of one species is an indicator of the fate of the oceans in general.
He has been working with green turtles in Brazil and on Ascension Island, where conservationists and researchers, pointing to possible extinc- tion, have helped to get better protection for the animals.
The National Sea Life Centre in Birmingham has had to call in scuba divers to repair more than 50 pieces of artificial coral damaged by one of the two Green Turtles that share a tank with a shoal of tropical reef fish.
The purpose of this study was to estimate hatchling sex ratios of green turtles on FFS during the 1998-2001 nesting seasons.
He calculates that if Xcacel's nesting habitat is disturbed, 20 percent of the genetic diversity in Atlantic loggerhead turtles and 22 percent of the genetic diversity in Atlantic green turtles will be lost forever.
The absence of lesions in pelagic green turtles was in contrast to what is seen in immature and adult specimens caught in nearshore habitats.
They were supplied to the resort by Oahu's Sea Life Park, which each year hatches anywhere from a few dozen to a few hundred sea turtle eggs from the 16 adult green turtles that have lived at the park from the early 1970s.
Indonesian police on Friday arrested four men on suspicion of trading internationally protected green turtles, a local private television network reported.