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thick spicy sauce made from tomatoes

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Personally, I think this is immensely more practical than green ketchup," Wells said.
Allard, who told us of his strange fetish for coloured food ("pink butter, green ketchup, you name it"), scorned the latest rumours doing the rounds about Xbox2, otherwise nicknamed HomeStation.
Heinz pulled the same Technicolor stunt last year when it came out with Blastin' Green ketchup, with the same basic M.
As a result, the novice couponer can save $1, but end up with three pounds of ground turkey and green ketchup that never gets used.
The green ketchup is also expected to be a hit on St Patrick's Day.
Just as British consumers get used to green ketchup and other colourful offerings from Heinz (see page 54), consumers elsewhere have also been tucking into foods with unusual hues.
Heinz's Blastin' Green ketchup has landed on store shelves.