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Table 1: Amounts of inputs and their equivalent green house gas (GHG) emission for hazelnut production GHG coefficient Quantity per Unit Parameter (kgC[O.
After extensive review we have concluded that hull performance can play a very significant role in further reducing our fuel cost and green house gas emissions," said Liping.
If you're developing country, it isn't seen to be fair to reduce green house gas emissions because you're going to slow down their economic growth," he added.
This award recognizes Whatcom County's commitment to reducing green house gas emissions by reducing the amount of energy we use," Bellingham Mayor Dan Pike said.
The Arctic Ocean seabed is leaking methane scientists said, stoking fears that the green house gas could promote global warming.
Mitigation is the process through which countries work on reducing green house gas emissions, the sole reason for the climate change problem.
India is commencing its plan to reduce green house gas emissions by implementing a renewable energy program.
l Ask retailers where their products come from then decide if you want to fund the Green House Gas emissions associated with that product.
Climate change related to green house gas emissions is on every company's watch list these days.
Drastic action is needed at a global level to better manage water resources, halt the loss of biodiversity, increase prudent use of natural resources and rare materials, reduce green house gas emissions and tackle climate change.
There is now a consensus that to prevent global warming from reaching dangerous levels, action is needed to control and mitigate green house gas emissions and stabilize their atmospheric concentration within a range of 450--550 parts per million.
NESTA launched the competition because it felt Government policy focused too heavily on science and technology to tackle green house gas emissions.
MTEX also plans to take part in an Israeli project where businesses measure, report and monitor green house gas emissions.
Speakers at the first Green Real Estate Summit, which took place in New York City last week, confirmed that the rules are changing and that relationships between real estate parties and the documents that govern those relationships are evolving, in both cases, in response to the need for reductions in green house gas emissions.
The coalition of development, environment, youth and faith groups will ask gig-goers to add their names to calls for an annual carbon budget with three per cent yearly reductions in green house gas emissions.