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Mohammed Latif, 52, owner of the Little Green Grocers on Chillingham Road said: "There are too many supermarkets around Heaton.
There were the normal run of green grocers, fruiterers and fish stalls but dotted among these were people offering some services that you certainly would not see now, such as the amateur dentist.
Sandra Bell, supermarkets campaigner for Friends of the Earth, said: "We keep hearing claims from the big supermarkets about being green grocers.
This game can be modified to visit a green grocers (apple, banana), sweet shop or even a city (Aldwych, Big Ben etc).
The Just Bouquets business operates a manufacturing facility in Guelph, Ontario where it processes, packages and distributes fresh cut flowers throughout Southern Ontario to over 250 green grocers and grocery stores.
According to available details a fine money valuing Rs 1,37,500 was imposed on 29 milk sellers, eight fruit sellers, 35 green grocers, 29 grocers, four chicken sellers and 10 flour millers for charging people above the officially approved prices for the given goods.
High-end and specialty concepts, like Whole Foods, Trader Joe's and green grocers, are expanding rapidly but in smaller footprints than their traditional competitors.
And the Nuneaton store has been extended into the neighbouring empty green grocers shop, which Frank has been keen to buy for many years.
The thriving centre boasts 180 businesses, from national chains like Sainsbury, Aldi, Argos, Boots, Wetherspoons and Wilkinsons to a wide variety of independent retailers including estate agents, butchers, green grocers, hardware stores, hairdressers, florists, card shops, furniture showroom, clothes shops and cafes.
And the staff room was turned into a green grocers as teachers prepared fruit so the pupils could make their own healthy fruit kebabs.
Business- men and builders stand side-by-side queuing up at the many butchers and green grocers in the market, united in the search for less expensive staples that have seemingly disappeared from the supermarket aisles.
The council spokesman added: "The development of the Shambles, due to be completed in October 2008, will complement the re-launch of Stockton market by housing 11 fresh food stores six days a week, including green grocers, a butchers and a fishmonger.
It was awarded a 'B' in the Green Grocers report, as were Waitrose and Sainsbury's.