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a growing crop that is plowed under to enrich soil

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The findings of complexity illustrates that using green fertilizer technologies are often frustrating if the technology is complex or difficult to understand, mean score is 2.
2013) point out that the use of spontaneous species from the Caatinga as green fertilizers is an alternative management technique for the production of vegetables in northeast Brazil, but there is still little information.
Hay, rice husks and other farming waste are fermented and mixed with dung to produce the green fertilizers.
15], stated that green fertilizers can increase soil fertility, control the soil erosion, and increase the efficacy of products.
Consequently that is the reason education have a positive sign on the adoption of green fertilizer technology.
In the light of the above, "OneBaja" research program receives RM 12 million grant from the LRGS to advance knowledge in green fertilizer technology development by featuring a green production of ammonia as well as a controlled--release mechanism of urea in the paddy fertilizer.
Instead, government initiate the opportunity to develop agriculture through innovation of green fertilizer technology.
Farmers can use fertilizers made from animal waste, poultry waste fertilizers, green fertilizers, and remains of crops to enhance organic material in soil.
They said that farmers can opt for green fertilizers and rotten husk to enrich soil with organic material.
Animals waste fertilizers or green fertilizers can be applied.
We are using recycled rain water, green fertilizers, natural mulch and more environmentally friendly plantings in our natural areas, such as wildflowers, lily pads and cattails.
Farmers were advised to use "Desi" or green fertilizers as it helps to maintain moisture for long time and also keep the fields free of weeds.
Application of green fertilizers can increase production for not only it balances organic material quantity but also improves presence of Nitrogenous fertilizers and soil composition.
He said that crops that can be used as green fertilizers should be buried in wet fields 30 days before sowing and water be applied after ten days for enhanced fertility.
It may be recalled that Pakistan Green Fertilizers Limited Director Fauzia Yousuf Gilani, Ziaur Rehman, Khalid Hussain, Nasreen Munawar Chaudhry and Syeda Samina Abrar allegedly got a loan of Rs 71 million from the Zarai Taraqqiati Bank in 1987 and did not return the money.