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a growing crop that is plowed under to enrich soil

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15], stated that green fertilizers can increase soil fertility, control the soil erosion, and increase the efficacy of products.
further market share in China's green fertilizer market," Mr.
produces and distributes humic acid ("HA") based green fertilizer through its wholly owned subsidiary, Shaanxi TechTeam Jinong Humic Acid Product Co.
Based on the growing market demand for our green fertilizer products coupled with our extensive distribution network, we expect that our increased capacity will be rapidly absorbed by the Chinese fertilizer market.
China Green Agriculture continues to gain market share while further establishing our position as a leading green fertilizer player in our industry.
The new facility will increase the Company's output level to 55,000 metric tons to meet with the growing demand for its green fertilizer products.
The Company's upward guidance reflects the anticipated strong sales from its green fertilizer products in the fourth quarter of 2009.
The trees planted through this program have helped improve soil fertility through the creation of natural green fertilizer, feed domestic animals such as pigs, goats and cows as well as produce honey to generate income.
We have built our business based on a vision to promote sustainable development of the agriculture industry in China through the use of green fertilizer products.
We believe this increase in production capacity will allow us to continue to expand by catering to a strong market demand for green fertilizer products," said Mr.
Combined with our leading-edge production technology, an improved distribution network for high-quality finished products and an increased production capacity in fiscal year 2009, we are well positioned to steadily increase our customer base and become the green fertilizer industry leader," concluded Mr.
We look forward to collaborating with CCG Elite to raise our visibility both in the investment community and with the financial media as we seek to become the market leader in green fertilizer catering to the Chinese agriculture industry," said Mr.
Farmers were advised to use "Desi" or green fertilizers as it helps to maintain moisture for long time and also keep the fields free of weeds.
We are using recycled rain water, green fertilizers, natural mulch and more environmentally friendly plantings in our natural areas, such as wildflowers, lily pads and cattails.
At the China Humic Acid Industry Association's ("CHAIA") Ninth Exchange Meeting on New Technologies and Products for National Green Fertilizers and Pesticides held in late 2010, CGA was awarded the Black Golden Cup, one of the industry's most prestigious awards.