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a card that identifies the bearer as an alien with permanent resident status in the United States

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government for the redesign, manufacture and supply of the countrys Permanent Resident Card commonly known as the Green Card.
This year, the Submission period of applications for the upcoming Green Card Lottery is between the 1[sup.
Germany's complicated and unattractive Green Card opened the national labor market to foreign IT specialists 15 years ago.
Most of them claim that the lottery gobbles up Green Cards that they would prefer to go to immigrants --mostly European and Asian ones--who work in what's called STEM, or science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields, instead.
In 2003, more than 4 percent of new recruits held green cards.
com)-- The Green Card Lottery's registration period begins on October 2, 2012.
At a recent ``Gana'' shoot, Roberto, a 24-year-old electrician living in the United States illegally for about four years, attempted to cross a narrow beam over grimy water at the Port of Los Angeles in hopes of getting legal help for a green card.
The next generation Green Card breaks new ground in the field of ID cards, significantly raising the bar for counterfeiters and forgers while resolving the apparent conflict between diligent inspection and facilitation of border crossing.
IEEE-USA finds much to praise in the Senate summary of the legislation: unlimited green cards for STEM Ph.
Green Card illustrate the benefits of combining optical security media with other standards-based technologies supplied by our partners to create a leading edge, secure credential," said Bob DeVincenzi, president and CEO of LaserCard.
The EB5 visa immigrant investor program provides applicants with green cards in exchange for a minimum $500,000 investment in a USCIS-approved regional center.
The leaders of a counterfeiting ring that sold about $11 million in fake green cards to illegal immigrants in the San Fernando Valley and elsewhere were sentenced Monday to federal prison terms, immigration officials said.
That's the game the federal government has been playing with so-called "employment-based" green cards in the last several weeks, according to prominent Los Angeles immigration attorney Carl Shusterman.
Green cards turned green again Tuesday, when the Immigration and Naturalization Service presented the latest in tamper-proof and counterfeit-resistant features.