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a belt of parks or rural land surrounding a town or city


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On World Environment Day in 1977, Kenya's Wangari Maathai founded the Green Belt Movement by planting seven trees in her backyard.
Blaydon MP Dave Anderson has called for a rethink of the Newcastle/Gateshead One Core Strategy as he says it could needlessly allow developers to build on green belt land in Ryton, Crawcrook and Dunston Hill.
Sandra Camwell, of Keresley Parish Council, was responding to an announcement from Labour council leader Ann Lucas that the authority would open up areas of green belt land in the city to developers.
They claimed the homes would be an "intrusion" into the green belt and that there are better sites available for the affordable homes.
They staged the walk to mark the start of consultation on the Birmingham Development Plan which contains the proposals for building on green belt.
I see the potential for the green belt, with the river valley corridors, to preserve an area of open space around and in the capital that could last beyond this planning framework and the next," he said.
But they are nothing compared to the 30,000 acres of so-called permanent Green Belt that have been lost over the last decade.
It should not be necessary to build on Green Belt land when there is enough brownfield land available for a million and a half new homes.
Chairman of the Sutton Coldfield District Committee Coun Anne Underwood (Con, Four Oaks) said: "There should be no building on the green belt.
In many instances the rejected site plans are of more importance to the defence of the green belt than those showing the proposed site allocations.
Cardiff North Conservative Assembly candidate Jayne Cowan had called for a motion to be debated at last night's full council meeting urging the council to reaffirm its support for a solid band of green belt land and "oppose a green wedge".
The primary aim of green belt policy is to prevent the sprawl of urban development by ensuring that land remains permanently open.
The Fleet and Industrial Supply Center Jacksonville (FISCJ) hosted a one-week Lean Six Sigma (L6S) Green Belt (GB) training course at Naval Air Station Jacksonville presented by Khiari Tyler, training facilitator and L6S Black Belt from the Naval Sea Systems Command Lean College.
As another session of the Green Belt Training Course taught by The Lean Institute here shifts into high gear, Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center senior managers stress the importance of the class.
And the thousands of trees planted by Maathai and other Kenyan women became the Green Belt Movement.