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a special ability to make plants grow

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When it comes to green thumbs, California ranks high.
BW0618 ( BW)(WA-STARBUCKS)(SBUX) Starbucks Coffee Grounds: A Green Thumbs Up; Starbucks Offers Complimentary Coffee Grounds for Composting http://www.
One group particularly looking forward to the rain is green thumbs, from backyard tomato growers to professional landscapers.
com)-- “It's the accessibility, anyone can do it,” says Janit Calvo, owner of Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center, the company that first packaged and marketed the hobby for the masses.
The study is designed to show how building new gardens--complete with greenhouses, budding crops and composting areas--can help adolescents cultivate green thumbs, log more physical activity, eat healthier and connect with their schools.
Two green thumbs up: Their carbon-neutral packaging plant runs on renewable energy and the Tetra Pak cartons have an excellent product-to-package ratio, with the paper being gleaned from responsibly sourced, well-managed forests.
A garden lunch will be offered on each day, and a special garden boutique will offer gifts for green thumbs.
ALWAYS IN SEASON: Green thumbs everywhere can get their daily gardening fix with a 2006 desk calendar.
Twelve Avista employees known as the Green Thumbs are donating their time to develop and manage a raised 50-bed community garden along a portion of the company's headquarters campus.
Not only does Green Thumbs teach you what it takes to make things grow, where living things come from, and how they fit into the amazing puzzle of life, it is filled with over 80 creative and inexpensive projects to start you on the garden path.
There is nothing else like it,” says Janit Calvo, founder of Two Green Thumbs.
The lecture, sponsored by the county Department of Public Works, spread the seeds of backyard and worm composting, grass recycling, and water-wise and fire-wise gardening to more than 40 amateur gardeners developing their green thumbs.
Founded in 1965, Green Thumb was first chartered to use the "green thumbs" of retired farmers to improve our nation's parks and highways.