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Beijing Green Science & Technology Company, a leading environmental technology provider, dedicates itself to the development and promotion of state of the art environmental products, water treatment process monitoring and optimization technologies, and monitoring system integration in China.
A weekend of green science events took place in Montreal, QC, October 20 to 23, 2006.
Veena Singla , senior scientist at the Green Science Policy Institute .
Arlene Blum PhD , with Green Science Policy Institute says, "Such great news that California is at last updating its 1975 flammability standard.
Nasdaq:SDIX) - a leading provider of biotechnology-based detection solutions for a broad range of food, water, agricultural, industrial, environmental and scientific applications, and the Beijing Green Science and Technology Company today recognized the successful completion of their first year of collaboration and confirmed that Beijing Green will continue to be the exclusive distribution partner for the Microtox([R]) and Deltatox([R]) rapid toxicity systems in China.
Visiting Scholar at the University of California, Berkeley Chemistry Department and Executive Director of the Green Science Policy Institute.
Fire retardant chemicals used to meet California regulation don't provide a fire safety benefit," says Arlene Blum PhD, executive director of the Green Science Policy Institute and co-author of a recent study documenting lack of fire safety benefits from the chemicals used for CA regulation, TB 117.
The retardants can burn in seconds, and increase fire toxicity and hazard, " said Arlene Blum, PHD, executive director of the Green Science Policy Institute.
The big idea behind Science Central was to create a green science hub that would attract high-tech businesses into the city.
Every second, highly fluorinated chemicals are leaching out of the clothing, carpets, and food packaging we use everyday," said Arturo Garcia-Costas of T he New York Community Trust, a major funder for the Green Science Policy Institute's work on reducing the use of classes of harmful chemicals.
Organic Male OM4 is the first comprehensive skin type and condition-specific men's skin care line to bust the myth that all men's skin is created equal OM4 is the first line to launch in the US that uses advanced green science technology to address the needs of, and significant biological differences in, male skin.
contains special ingredients Aveda Green Science Firming Eye Creme, PS38 The skin around our Aveda Green Science Firming Eye Creme, PS38 The skin around our eyes is the place where most eyes is the place where most women first notice lines appearing.
The UO's background in green science has been the launchpad for its successful bid to win a five-year, $20 million National Science Foundation grant to create - with OSU - the Center for Sustainable Materials Chemistry.
Some synthetic chemicals are so different from the products of natural chemistry that, says Terry Collins, director of Carnegie Mellon University's Institute for Green Science, "it is as though they dropped in from an alien world.