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an environmentalist political party

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Complex and layered, they were similar to those occurring in Green parties globally between 'Red' Greens and 'Green' Greens, 'realists' and 'fundamentalists'.
The 'rush' to form Green parties began in Western Australia in late 1988 and early 1989.
But lets examine the Green parties that were disqualified from the contest on the grounds of sanity.
Why do Green Party members seem to believe that what has happened to other green parties, e.
The Association of State Green Parties brags that it has won races in twelve states and put fifty-nine candidates in office.
The European Federation of Green Parties studiously ignores the treachery of the German Greens.
The European Federation of Green Parties (EFGP) published a resolution opposing the unilateral military action by the US in Afghanistan in retaliation for the September 11 attacks and urging internationally cooperative efforts to resolve conflicts in Israel and Palestine and in central Asia.
A few weeks after the election, the Steering Committee and some committee chairs of the Association of State Green Parties met privately with Ralph Nader in Washington, DC for a post-election debriefing, but they did not discuss an IRV strategy.
This has meant that "realos" in European Green Parties have not had any reason to drive out the more socialist "fundis" because both groups realize they are stronger working together.
Unity between the Greens/Green Party USA (G/GPUSA) and the Association of State Green Parties (ASGP) can be meaningful and long-lasting only if it is based on an honest assessment of the strengths of each organization.
The Negotiating Committees of the Association of State Green Parties and the Greens/Green Party USA, meeting on October 1-2, 2000, have agreed unanimously to recommend to their respective organizations the following proposal for the creation of a new national Green Party, to be called "Green Party of the United States," and a National Committee of the Green Party, which will apply to the Federal Election Commission for official recognition as a national political party.
The "Joint Proposal of Negotiating Committees of the Association of State Green Parties and the Greens/Green Party USA" was sent out on Oct 3, 2000.
We believe the county organizations of state Green parties should be the local unit for representation to the national conventions of the Green Party because counties are important units of local government and of statutory party organization in almost every state, making them more accountable and more geographically proximate units for Green local organization.
Coming off the 3 million votes for Nader and with 22 ballot-qualified state Green parties, the Green Party is the vehicle to keep building for that united electoral front.
Though Greens around the world look forward to joining with each other to forge a common program, the hosting Australian Greens have given a de facto announcement that they will single-handedly determine which Green Parties will and which will not participate directly in drafting the Global Green Charter.