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IT'S DIFFERENT - The Land of Green Ginger shopping mall GREAT SAND - Tynemouth Long Sands beach is always a draw with families during the school ho l i d ay s
I popped along to Green Ginger hair salon in Newcastle where owner and hairdresser Rusti Todd, who had been involved in product testing of the O system before it was launched, transformed my lank, straight hair into a mass of luscious curls.
Mr Reed said: "I don't know where the props came from originally but when I bought the Land of Green Ginger they came as part of the deal.
Inside The Land of Green Ginger, the shop will open with the chance for one lucky customer to win a superb guitar from the range of electrics, semis and acoustics in stock.
Tynemouth's unique shopping mall, The Land of Green Ginger, is situated inside a converted church which dominates the skyline of Front Street and has been established for 20 years.
Although the shop opened just two months ago, the couple have already expanded to larger premises in the Land of Green Ginger, on Front Street.
He set up the Dinosautium in the Land of Green Ginger in Tynemouth where he sold fossils and prehistoric pieces.
Tynemouth's shopping mall The Land of Green Ginger, is inside a converted church which dominates the skyline of Front Street and has been established 20 years.
Proposal: Installation of three telecommunications antennae within existing stone pediment on church steeple, equipment cabinets within internal equipment room and 300mm wide external cable feeder tray around steeple perimeter at land of Green Ginger, Front Street, Tynemouth, North Shields, Tyne and Wear.
The restaurant is located in the bowels of the former United Reformed Church which, in 1980, was converted from a place of worship into a labyrinth of bric-a-brac shops imaginatively, if not a little obscurely, titled The Land of Green Ginger.
Kevin, who ran the Land of Green Ginger bookshop in Salisbury Road, Roath, was discovered sprawled across the kerb with his feet on the pavement and head in the road by David Jones who was driving past.
In a remarkable find, Mr Gowan, dredged up the green ginger beer bottle at the mouth of the River Thames in March.
With the team at Tyne Tees Television, he created Inventor Black's laboratory in an empty church on Front Street, now Land of the Green Ginger.
He again commented favourably on the pieces of meat and said the masala sauce, which contained onions and green ginger, was pleasantly spicy without overpowering the flavours of ginger and coriander.
Green Ginger Gallery is located opposite the Gateshead Arms Pub on Durham Road, Low Fell.