Green Beret

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a soldier who is a member of the United States Army Special Forces

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Surviving this, and the war, with barely a scratch Mr Cramp gave back all his kit when he retired including his green beret.
The distinctive hallmark of a Royal Marines Commando is the Green Beret.
He is the first and only civilian to have the unique understanding of the men of the Special Forces because he was granted the opportunity to complete a year of Special Forces training by a leader now known as the 'Father of the Modern Green Berets,' Lieutenant General William P.
Green Beret warrant officers serve as assistant detachment commanders on Special Forces Operational Detachments, and in the absence of a captain, the team leader.
But Walton, who had worn the Green Beret, felt no goal worth pursuing if risk were not attached.
The Green Beret is the embodiment of the ideal of the scholar-soldier, and according to Robinson it is precisely this combination of brawn and brain and the ability to operate on the plane of strategy that sets the Special Forces apart.
Cucullu is a former Special Forces Green Beret colonel, serving over 20 years in the military in Asia: his analysis is personal--and astute.
In early battles with the Fedayeen and through clandestine contacts with Iraqis, Green Beret officers noted many of the warning signs of a blooming insurgency: the presence of foreign guerrillas, the widespread availability of weapons and explosives, and a fundamentalist Sunni element willing to wage holy war for control of the country.
Neil Horan, aged 57, was dressed in his Irish national costume of brown kilt, green beret and the green underpants featured in the case.
Lally explains that he's a huge admirer of the incumbent, Richard Carmona, MD another former Green Beret.
Knowing al Qaeda trained to take out a presidential motorcade or an office building is scary, but nothing is more frightening than their training to take over a school," said former Green Beret Keith Idema, who recovered the tapes while advising Northern Alliance troops during the Afghan conflict.
The war on terrorism turned deadly again in October as a Green Beret and a Marine were killed within a week of each other on opposite sides of the world.
A more immediate need is handheld GPS systems for each Green Beret, according to Haas.
Greene has drawn on his experience as a Green Beret and counter-terrorism expert in the book.
His superiors ask him to assassinate Colonel Kurtz, once a well-respected Green Beret who has become an insane renegade spreading terror in remote regions.