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Synonyms for tragedy

Synonyms for tragedy

an occurrence inflicting widespread destruction and distress

Synonyms for tragedy

drama in which the protagonist is overcome by some superior force or circumstance

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It is not lost on Arkins that there are Greek tragedies that effectively have "happy endings," and Philoctetes is one of them, rendered perhaps even more poignant in the message of Heaney's version that the "miracle of self-healing" may come about "when hope and history rhyme.
NEW SCRIPT:; Shota says he's fed up of Greek tragedies
In an interview with theater scholar Howard Stein, Michael Kahn, the director of the premiere production of Funnyhouse of a Negro, as well as Kennedy's adaptations of the Greek tragedies Electra and Orestes, demonstrates an organic understanding of Kennedy's texts.
of Ireland, Galway) offers this fascinating analysis of Irish manifestations of Athenian Greek tragedies from the works of Yeats to the writers of today.
In the next five chapters, Walton discusses the choices of translators with regard to specific Greek tragedies.
Seekers of role models or life lessons or Greek tragedies should look elsewhere.
INSPIRED BY medieval mystery plays, fairy tales and ancient Greek tragedies, Carl Orff's one-hit wonder ``Carmina Burana'' is sampled in today's media almost as frequently as Moby's electronica creations.
Wians (philosophy, Merrimack College) has chosen essays that look first at Homer and Homeric fiction and then the great Greek tragedies in terms of their awareness of philosophy and universal themes rather than rote story-telling.
This is a central story in Greek literature, the subject of many of the Greek tragedies by the great dramatists.