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Since its inception, Theater of War has delivered more than three hundred dramatic readings of Greek tragedies to military and civilian audiences.
Yang's [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (Prometheus Bound) was the first complete attempt to translate ancient Greek tragedies to Chinese.
At the time of publication, Arkins was able to identify thirty-one discrete translations, versions, or adaptations of Greek tragedies by Irish playwrights, twenty-six of which have been composed since 1975.
In a seventy-three-page appendix, Walton has amassed a comprehensive, chronological list of all Greek tragedies and comedies in English translation.
Only in the Greek tragedies, those that refuse to present the enigmas of human existence in the form of a "morality play," do we find ourselves confronted with a world of irreconcilable oppositions, what Nietzsche comes to call the realm "beyond good and evil.
At the competition, the students performed dramatic scenes, comedy scenes, monologues, musical numbers, children's threater, improvisation, classical scenes from Shakespeare and Greek tragedies, set design, lighting design, graphic design and one-act plays.
By contrast, one doesn't run into this problem with, say, the ancient Greek tragedies.
The stars finally catch on to our geek-or-goddess slot and start dressing the goddess part - or else looking like Greek tragedies.
She said that "blood memories" of the stories told in Greek tragedies are in the inner fibers of people living now; she reached into her own body and drew them out--sometimes with great pain.
It is obvious that Miola doesn't have small Latin and less Greek, as Jonson insolently claimed for Shakespeare, which somewhat skews the argument, since it is hard for Miola even to imagine that Shakespeare was not really fluent in Seneca's Latin text and in the Greek tragedies that lie behind it, especially Euripides.
Many of the Arguments prefixed to Greek tragedies and comedies in manuscript are ascribed to Aristophanes, and he revised and continued the Pinakes of Callimachus, a biographical history of Greek literature.
In an interview with theater scholar Howard Stein, Michael Kahn, the director of the premiere production of Funnyhouse of a Negro, as well as Kennedy's adaptations of the Greek tragedies Electra and Orestes, demonstrates an organic understanding of Kennedy's texts.