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Michael Avi-Yona's Gazetteer of Roman Palestine (Jerusalem: Institute of Archaeology, 1976), which Tsafrir saw through the press, used Greek script and gave the original documented forms, in the tradition of P.
Overall at these sites inscriptions in the Kharosthi script and Gandhari language predominate, followed by those in Brahmi and (hybrid) Sanskrit, while the local Bactrian language in Greek script is the least common and appears only to have been used in conjunction with one or both of the Indian scripts.
19) Current charts of the Greek fonts may be seen in the second edition of Nicolas Barker's Aldus Manutius and the Development of Greek Script & Type.
And all this flowed from a fragment of a larger stone tablet that acted as a translator between ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs and demotic and ancient Greek scripts.
Hebrew and Greek scripts are used frequently throughout, often transliterated and usually translated.