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the mythology of the ancient Greeks

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Asclepius was the Greek god of healing in Greek mythology, but Hammurabi was Babylonian, not Greek.
But, in fact, it was Riordan's inclusion of Greek mythology that did the trick for me.
Despite being inspired by the concept of Greek mythology (and being produced by Kevin Killen, a titan whose previous clients include U2), In the Time of Gods doesn't feel grandiose.
Themis, according to early Greek mythology, was one of the Titans and symbolised the imposition of order.
THEYESTES, named after a figure in Greek mythology (below), was owned and bred in County Kilkenny by Major Dermot McCalmont and won both his starts as a two-yearold in 1930, trained in Wiltshire by Atty Persse.
This collection sets out to situate Luce Irigaray's thinking on Greek mythology.
Based on the first of five books by Rick Riordan, this is an all-action adventure inspired by Greek mythology, which seamlessly melds live action and computer trickery.
The effects add colour to a quaint story pegged on Greek mythology.
Summary: Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief brings Greek mythology to life.
It's about a boy discovering he has a link with the gods of Greek mythology and newcomer Logan Lerman takes the title role.
Ritual ceremonies were conducted in a part of the open-air sanctuary called the ash altar of Zeus, the head god of Greek mythology.
Riordan's son was found to have ADHD and dyslexia and although the boy struggled with reading he loved the stories from Greek mythology his father told him.
In Greek mythology, Hector is a Trojan prince and the greatest fighter for Troy in the Trojan War.
Westmoreland is a comprehensive, impressively researched, superbly organized and written body of work which is divided into three major sections: Greek Mythology, The Ancient Greeks; and Conclusions.
In Greek mythology what name was given to the land where the dead hoped to spend eternity?