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any of the descending diatonic scales in the music of classical Greece

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The second presents an interpretation of Pietro Eredia's madrigal 'Passa la vita all'abbassar d'un ciglio' in the light of the version of the Greek modes proposed by Giovanni Battista Doni (Compendio del trattato de' generie de' modi della musica, Rome, 1635).
The endless debates about tuning systems, the problem of the mathematical basis of music, the question of Greek modes and their relation to ecclesiastical modes, the attempt to revive the fabled effects of Greek music in modern practice, the relation of music to poetics, the conflict between theory and practice, especially with regard to the categorization of consonances: all these subjects and more exercised generations of writers, often to an exceedingly acrimonious degree.
His argument purports to show how various sizes of these "equidistant intervals" match the qualities of the ancient Greek modes, as given in Plato's famous characterizations.
Hillman dreams that today's church can replicate the feat of the first century church, when Jewish Christianity accommodated itself to Greek modes of thought.