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Once established, the Black Greek letter organization began to initiate its members to embody elements of agency.
According to "The Encyclopedia of Homosexuality," the Greek letter lambda has been a symbol for gay rights since the 1970s, when New York City's Gay Activists Alliance selected the letter as its emblem.
26, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- With fall rush right around the corner, fraternities and sororities everywhere are showing their Greek pride while protecting their mobile devices with sleek, stylish cases flaunting their Greek letters from Lifecases.
Considerable sums were wagered on the results of these games and a good deal of research went into devising methods of predicting the relative frequency of Roman and Greek letters in mathematical formulae.
The chemicals are presented in alphabetical order (with numbers, Greek letters, and other notations such as n- or tert- ignored to allow easier alphabetical location), but can also be located using Chemical Abstracts Service registry numbers.
Netz examined the scan and was able to deduce the presence of previously unseen Greek letters, kappa and alpha, which were likely followed by an iota to spell the Greek word for "and.
TOSA, a Japanese mastiff, TAUS, Greek letters, TUIS, New Zealand birds (all OED).
One challenge was how to dictate mathematical equations involving complex expressions and Greek letters to nontechnical helpers.
I just love those Greek letters on fraternity houses, although it turns out they all mean the same thing: "Beer inside.
The residual paganism depicted in mummy portraiture from late antique Egypt belies any attempt to claim a homogeneous Christianization of pagan motifs (Susan Walker), as does the embodiment of Greek letters and Greek religion in the life and works of Libanius (Simon Swain).
That's never happened, but there is a backup plan - using Greek letters.
The bottom of the monument includes two Stars of David and the Greek letters chi and rho, which, when superimposed, stand for Christ.
Once that was on the books, the school's interfraternity council had no choice but to allow Delta Lambda Phi to charter its colony there, but that still didn't stop students from openly taunting Michael, the fraternity's founding member, saying "queer" and "faggot" to his face when he wore a shire bearing his Greek letters last spring.
The name "Simon" carved in Greek letters - high up on the facade of the monument above six previously invisible lines of inscription: a Gospel verse - Luke 2:25.
It could even be one of the lost witnesses given Greek letters reconstructed from Sonderfehler and Bindefehler in the stemma on page 50.