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the mythology of the ancient Greeks

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The bronze gilded statue of the Greek legend Prometheus, sculpted by Paul Manship and set in a flowing fountain, looks over The Rink.
It should have been out in September but he delayed the release because he felt he should focus on sorting out the Italian economy, which seems time well spent and could explain why we haven't heard anything from Greek legend Demis Roussos for a while.
The section of the project website titled "The Legendry of Jaffa" is claimed to recount the Greek legend of Andromeda and billed as "a symbol of awakening and renewal and the rebirth of old Jaffa.
CLASH OF THE TITANS - March 26 After the global sensation of Avatar, Sam Worthington returns as a swords and sandals hero in this re-make of the Greek legend golden oldie.
The paintings tell of the ancient Greek legend of Perseus, who was ordered by the King of Seriphos to fetch the head of the Gorgon, Medusa, and also of his rescue of the Princess Andromeda who becomes his bride.
According to Greek legend, which creature was at the centre of the Labyrinth on Crete?
CRISTIANO RONALDO has compared himself to the ancient Greek legend Hercules after landing another top award.
After the speech, the cultural part of the event kicked off with the music of Greek legend Mikis Theodorakis.
Her last major work was the ambitious, full-evening Clytemnestra in 1958, which was the fulfillment of her fascination with Greek legend.
In Greek legend, Hestia is where the Olympic flame began its journey.
In Greek legend, what is the name given to the creature that is half man and half bull?
Still, we have to admit that Brad Pitt, as usual, succeeded in depicting the Greek legend and managed to run the gauntlet in every aspect, whether it was fitness, physique and, most of all, a powerful performance (a mixture of Legends of the Fall and Seven's fervor).
Since we booked a two-week cruise on the Danube for our first long holiday in more than 12 years of marriage (shedoesn't count hiking Snowdonia), my wife has been on a solo mission to clear the shelves of the fashion stores, arriving at one befored awn on a sales' day to head the fiercest squad of women seen since the Amazon warriors of Greek legend.
No artist has ever been naif enough, Greek legend to the contrary, to have thought that he or she was actually capturing reality - real fruit, real flowers, a real fly hovering over a real brioche - in a still life.
According to Greek legend, the one who could untie it would be the ruler of Asia," West eventually answered, adding, "I'm reading to you out of the dictionary.