Greek key

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an ornamental pattern consisting of repeated vertical and horizontal lines (often in relief)

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Griffin's not surprised that the Greek key motif is a trend.
The Greek Key design was first used with a black key on a white background and a little later on other coloured backgrounds.
I also have them think of a pattern to decorate the top of their vases, such as the Greek Key design or something that incorporates familiar Grecian motifs, such as dolphins and seashells.
She also wore a Greek Key tiara lent to her by mother Princess Anne, and Jimmy Choo shoes.
These often took the form of fabulous single-footed beasts, like the winged lion monopodia supporting this salt dish, which also features a classical Greek key frieze.
Black and cream Greek key design silk balloon short by Dolce Vita, $ 143, Influence on St.
com 4 The Rug Market's Rome design incorporates an all-over Greek key pattern, therugmarket.
The red sating veneer is enlivened by cross-bandings of the same veneer, while the main panels are also inlaid with bandings forming variants of the Greek key pattern in the corners.
This writer's tastes run to the sophisticated with an eclectic touch; mixing vintage, ethnic and contemporary including a dining room with a vintage Lucite table as the centerpiece; dining chairs slip-covered in an arabesque-print fabric, all set on a silk carpet bordered with the classic Greek key motif.
There is a tufted and flowered sofa; there are red blankets with the Greek key motif woven in black; there's a gilt mirror.
The geometric forms, lion mask and paws, Greek key, laurel leaves and swags are among the distinguishing features of this style, now closely associated with the early phase of Neo-Classicism.
a Greek key pattern or someone's name for a kid's party
This turned like one arm of a Greek key around two courtyards - one the monastery cloisters enclosed on the north by the church wall, the other rectangular and open on the south.
For a more classical look, Marks & Spencer have a range of bathroom accessories decorated in an elegant gold Greek key design.