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(Greek mythology) the winged goddess of the dawn in ancient mythology

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Eos is named after the Greek goddess of the dawn who opened the gates of heaven every day to allow the sun god to make his journey the sky.
It takes its name from the Greek goddess of the Dawn and it is a stunning looking, well built and great driving cabrio from the German car giant as VW strives to become the "open" champion in a field of top class convertible contenders.
Each honoree was presented with a statue of Thea, the Greek goddess of the dawn, to symbolize the form and substance of imagination.
The EOS series, which stands for "Electro Optical System" and also carries the name of the Greek goddess of the dawn, was first introduced in March 1987 as a new generation of AF SLR cameras that incorporate the world's first electronic mount system, achieving complete electronic control not only between the lens and body but throughout the entire camera system.
Eos translates as the name of the Greek goddess of the dawn and the car boasts the characteristics of a hard-top coupe with its unique five-piece steel and glass roof which opens or closes electrically in 25 seconds.
But the Greek goddess of the dawn was intended, I understand, to signify the dawning of a new concept in this VW cabriolet's high-tech folding metal roofs.