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a mixture used by Byzantine Greeks that was often shot at adversaries

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Greek fire and rescue officers spent the day combing the ground next to the house where Ben was last seen.
However, as we have seen Persian and Greek fire myths do not readily support such subversion.
A total of 25 Greek fire fighting units using five planes and two helicopters are tackling the fire on Mount Athos where each Orthodox Christian nation has had a monastery since the Middle Ages.
The menu features everything from traditional sausage, pepperoni, pepper and onion toppings found on the Bombola to innovative combinations such as the Greek Fire with chicken, spicy feta, onions, tomatoes and kalamata olives.
During the Second World War, Hitler and his cronies searched for an ancient secret text because it contained the formula for creating Greek Fire.
GREEK FIRE The euro has strengthened and the dollar weakened in recent days as policymakers have inched towards a new bailout for Greece along with a new austerity programme from Athens.
The use of fire, both in Greek fire and in undermining castle walls is the subject of one chapter.
A Greek fire brigade spokesman said that it was a very difficult fire as it raged in a mixed zone of residential areas and forest land and firemen had urged people to promptly evacuate the areas on fire to avoid risking their lives and help the fire brigade's efforts.
This work succeeds in blending contemporary scholarly reinterpretations of Byzantine historical development with engaging explorations of monuments, events, and unique topics like Greek fire and eunuchs to make a strong case for Byzantium as a resilient and creative civilization throughout its long history.
Greek fire chief Andreas Kois said it was not easy to control the flames: "This is a very difficult fire because it's in an inhabited area.
Greek fire chiefs said strong winds and hot conditions made it difficult to control the flames as they spread into the populated area.
Greek fire chief Andreas Kois said: "This is a very difficult fire because it's in an inhabited area.
The crash with the truck overturned the bus, '' said deputy Greek fire chief Andreas Kois.
She has a deadly weapon known as Greek Fire, the ability to inflict deadly viruses on her enemies and a willingness to bring them to violent ends by any means available, including throwing them out of her helicopter.
Greek fire, poison arrows and scorpion bombs: biological and chemical warfare in the Ancient World.