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Which Greek deity was the god of prophecy, music, poetry and healing?
But whether this meaty looking coupe-cabrio deserves to be named after a Greek deity, Eos, I'm not sure.
Using AQG, for example, if a researcher for NASA queries for the word "apollo" the computer cannot immediately tell whether they are looking for the space program, the Greek deity or the famous theatre in Harlem.
With work by fourteen international artists including Thomas Hirschhorn, Fabrice Hyber, Keith Tyson, Paul McCarthy, and ubiquitous prankster Maurizio Cattelan, the show aims to evoke the hedonistic spirit of the ancient Greek deity by way of mostly brand-new installations, films, performance, and a sound room.
The mountains, named by a 1788 explorer who thought their majesty worthy of Greek deity, aren't particularly tall, but they rise steeply from the coastline - from sea level to 8,000 feet in 33 miles.
You could say that the daughters of these families performed a kind of alchemy; in their dances, political thought became aesthetic vision made manifest in powerful dance solos--Fuller as a master of natural forces, Duncan as a Greek deity, St.