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a drink made from pulverized coffee beans

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By holding the loop, he could balance the fifteen to sixteen inch diameter brass tray without spilling anything on it, which in this case was three Greek coffees and three glasses of water.
Now, researchers investigating cardiovascular health believe that a cup of boiled Greek coffee holds the clue to the elderly islanders' good health.
htm) Greek Coffee 'Secret to Longer Life' on Island of Ikaria
The festival will include a Greek Kafeneio (coffee shop) which will highlight "Baklava Sundays," Greek coffee, and frappes, along with a bookstore and craft shop, thematic basket table and a raffle with prizes of a 42-inch plasma HDTV, a Bose radio, an iPad and a $300 gift certificate to the store of the winner's choice.
Greek coffee houses in Manchester will have to stop advertising in Greek.
There's a nice pedestrianised shopping street and the main square has several pleasant cafes for a fortifying Greek coffee or two.
After an hour lying on two of the hundreds of lounge chairs under thatched umbrellas, and wading out into the surf, we had gelato and Greek coffee at a cafe and drove north back to Oia, and down to Ammoudi Bay for grilled fish and another swim.
The Greek waiter replied furiously, "We have only Greek coffee here
Gaios is a wonderful warren of alleyways and most meet in a large square which houses a church and various bars, tavernas and kafenios (traditional Greek coffee houses).
The government has introduced some basic standards; for instance, there is a nominal charge of around 50p for a Greek coffee, but who other than a Greek or a Turk would want to go on holiday and drink that?
And flaky baklava with a glass of Greek dessert wine or a strong Greek coffee (also on our website) makes for a sweet ending to a meal that is just as enjoyable for a non-Greek Easter too.