Greek architecture

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the architecture of ancient Greece

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This study of ancient Greek architecture focuses on steps that lead to monuments, shedding light on the interactions between the human body, human behavior, and architecture, and exploring the socio-political meanings of monument steps.
Usually, metal clasps were used to lock the stones, as well as the traditional Greek architecture.
For those more interested in Greek architecture, Cyrene is the place to visit.
The suitable backdrop to the games was provided by Sunderland landmarks the Penshaw Monument, The Athenaeum and Monkwearmouth Station, all examples of classical Greek architecture.
The temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu was constructed on a two-tiered base in the centre of a paved courtyard which was enclosed by a columned porch similar to Greek architecture.
The magnificent amphitheatre boasts of Greek architecture, picturesque setting near the sea and a capacity to accommodate 400 people.
The Belle Meade Plantation, located on the opposite side of the city on Nashville's western edge, is another example of the city's love affair with Greek architecture and has been a longtime resident of the U.
Wedge of cash: Al-Tajir's, left, golf clubhouse has shocked his neighbours; Green giant: Clubhouse is compared to Greek architecture
Both classes walked round the whole of Newcastle and found a lot of Greek architecture there.
English Neoclassicism developed in part out of a misreading of Classical Greek architecture depicted as idealized (read "abstracted") ruins in books like James Stuart and Nicholas Revett's Antiquities of Athens, which was published in four volumes between 1762 and 1816.
The Grade 1 listed building, designed by Joseph Aloysius Hansom and based on classical Greek architecture, has been carefully renovated.
If I remember my Greek architecture right, the reason the Parthenon had eight columns in front was that the Greeks had figured that no one could apprehend more than eight things in a row.
For the real thing, compare it with figure 142 in A W Lawrence, Greek Architecture (Pelican History of Art, Yale University Press, 5th edition, revised by R A Tomlinson), a photograph taken by yours truly.
Spawforth, a professor of ancient history, traces the diffusion of classical Greek architecture throughout the Mediterranean region and East Asia.
Caption(s): Savoy House's Acropolis by Karyl Pierce Paxton was inspired by Greek architecture.