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In fact--ah, here it is--'The Greek alphabet is absolutely FASCINATING.
The people who were living in these lands spoke a number of languages and dialects including Armenian, Kurdish, Ottoman Turkish and Greek, and were using Arabic, Armenian and Greek alphabets.
Haidar pointed out that thediscovered small clay tablets show that the alphabetical order of the Ugaritic language is very similar to the Arabic and Greek alphabets with only few differences.
Beyond that core, he includes keys to the Cyrillic and Greek alphabets and space-related terms followed by five appendices: the International Space Station; designations for Soviet and Russian missiles or launch vehicles; launches of U.
eu' domain names(1) using any character from the 23 official languages of the EU, including notably Cyrillic and Greek alphabets (used by Bulgarians, Greeks and Cypriots) or those used by Spanish and Basque speakers.