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Makrides, Victor Roudometof, Introduction: Tradition, Transition and Change in Greek Orthodoxy at the Dawn of the Twenty-First Century in Victor Roudometof, Vasilios N.
He has good things to say about Greek Orthodoxy, in which worship is seen as a means of connecting with the divine.
Now they find he fancies a bit of Greek Orthodoxy, which allows him to marry three times.
Whether out of genuine feeling, or as a tactical device against Rome, he flirted with Greek Orthodoxy.
Greek Orthodoxy also has a strong conservative wing that regards itself as the best means of preserving the apostolic faith, with other branches of Christianity being doctrinally suspect.
It is at first sight strange, even paradoxical, that a book such as the Philokalia, published in 1782, under the narrow restrictions in which Greek Orthodoxy struggled to survive during the Turkish period -- and only reissued in the Greek world more than a century later, in 1893 -- should constitute a decisive element in the witness of Orthodoxy at the end of the 20th century.
Hellier dedicates fully a third of the entire text to the monasteries of Mount Athos, a unique and important site for Eastern as well as Greek Orthodoxy.
The third chapter studies the image of Judaism in Greek Orthodoxy, beginning with a look at the history of the Jews in Byzantine Palestine and in the Byzantine Empire up to the Fourth Crusade (1204).
The mister, who is Episcopalian, told W he's also planning to convert to Greek Orthodoxy, his wife's religion, and would like to become a priest.
Traat's Burnt Hill epic spans many more generations, starting with the semianimistic forefathers who trade in their nominal Lutheran faith for a fraudulently lucrative Greek Orthodoxy in the 1840s, and ending with the reunion of several of their latest offspring in the 1990s, after the restoration of Estonia's independence (1991), and a number of their wondrous ventures during the Soviet era.
Greek Orthodoxy: According to church doctrine the Sabbath is observed on Sunday when members of the Greek Orthodoxy attend service.
The prevailing culture within Cypriot society stems from and is fashioned mainly by Greek Orthodoxy and the education system as a way of life, worldview, thought and religion.
The authors also mention the limits of this volume: the focus will be more on Russian and Greek Orthodoxy and their ways to the West, while Romanian, Serbian, Albanian, etc.
He also had to renounce Greek Orthodoxy to the Anglican church).
His rule-books for monastic living, also his liturgical reforms, were in mediaeval times influential, remaining so with Greek Orthodoxy.