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In no way can the document of excommunication--already of doubtful validity because of the pope's death--be considered an excommunication of everyone in the Greek Church.
He contributes to the study of early New Testament texts and transmission by piecing together the version fourth-century Greek Church Father Athanasius of Alexandria used from the quotations of it in his own writing.
But now the Liverpool Greek Society has secured planning permission and bought land opposite the historic Greek Church of St Nicholas, in Berkley Street, Liverpool.
Origen (+258) in the Greek Church and Augustine (+430) in the Latin are only the most famous instances of this approach.
Humbert of Moyenmoutier directed his excommunication against three people and their followers, not the whole Greek church.
The History of the Greek Church of America in Acts and Documents.
As banker to the papacy, Cosimo helped persuade Eugenius IV to bring the council with the Greek church to Florence in 1439.
The two mitered figures are Saints Ambrose and Augustine, bishop-Doctors of the Latin church, while the two who are bareheaded are the bishop-Doctors of the Greek church, Saints Athanasius and John Chrysostom.
Spencer Kezios, a priest at the Greek church who actually helped build it 30 years ago.
Very recently a Greek church in ystanbul was stoned by "unknown" people.
She cites the opinions of some of the most respected thinkers of Western civilization, among them Aristotle, John Henry Newman, Thomas Hobbes, the Greek Church fathers, Erasmus and Charles Darwin, and William Blake.
Their continued proselytising involved the entire Greek Church in his ideas, the growing tumult resulting in Nicaea.
And it is a fact, notes Lefevre, that Jerome in De viris illustribus 10 has nothing but the highest praise for Hermas's Shepherd and points out that it was considered part of the Scripture in the Greek Church while remaining practically unknown in the West.
That the Christian Holy Land had its roots in pagan worship was of course known to the major Latin and Greek church thinkers, who did not think highly of grace-earning pilgrimages to Palestine.
And, as former City Councilor Gary Rosen is so aptly billing this year's event: "Only in Worcester: An Irish breakfast at a Greek church co-hosted by a Jew.