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The Abbe Mably, in his observations on Greece, says that the popular government, which was so tempestuous elsewhere, caused no disorders in the members of the Achaean republic, BECAUSE IT WAS THERE TEMPERED BY THE GENERAL AUTHORITY AND LAWS OF THE CONFEDERACY.
All Greece caught the enthusiasm and seemed ready to unite in one confederacy, when the jealousy and envy in Sparta and Athens, of the rising glory of the Achaeans, threw a fatal damp on the enterprise.
The more effectually to nourish discord and disorder the Romans had, to the astonishment of those who confided in their sincerity, already proclaimed universal liberty[1] throughout Greece.
And by degrees, as the power of Greece grew less, the power of Turkey grew greater.
Honeychurch greatly--he bent her to their purpose, "I don't see why Greece is necessary," she said; "but as you do, I suppose it is all right.
Beebe heard her kiss Lucy and say: "I am sorry I was so cross about Greece, but it came on the top of the dahlias.
After all, there was no reason that Lucy should talk about Greece or thank him for persuading her mother, so he said good-bye.
Greece: IMF to propose a new loan of 28 billion: The International Monetary Fund intends to offer a new loan of 28 billion to Greece, announced IMF Director-General Christine Lagarde, on 9 March, and plans to submit the proposal to the institution's member states.
He said it was vital that Greece had fulfilled the requirements set by the troika made up of the EU Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund.
Appearing at a joint press conference with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in eastern Erzurum province, Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou said it was now time for Turkey and Greece to leave their problems in the past.
Indeed, from the moment Greece adopted the euro in 2001, the Greek authorities have been engaged in shameless creative budget accounting that evidently misled not only Greece's Eurozone partners but Greek policymakers themselves.
The Orthodox Church, which is officially recognized by Greece, has railed against the national government's attempts to create some separation between government and religion.
You can easily find a souvlaki place on every other corner in Greece.
The environment for terrorism changed dramatically throughout the world after Greece was awarded the 2004 Summer Olympic Games in 1997.