Greco-Roman wrestling

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a style of wrestling where the wrestlers are forbidden to tackle or trip or use holds below the waist

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The Greco-Roman Wrestling World Cup 2015 competitions were held on 19-20 February in Tehran.
But given that for the next fortnight or more we are going to be force fed the Olympic feast by the nation's main broadcaster, was there really any need to screen Games-themed editions of East Enders and Absolutely Fabulous - the latter being so unfunny you were almost begging for them to bring forward the Greco-Roman wrestling.
Who can turn down an afternoon watching Greco-Roman wrestling, which is grown men, grappling on the floor?
RIGA - Greco-Roman wrestling has proven to be a happy hunting ground for Lithuania and Estonia with both countries picking up medals in one of the Olympics' longest standing events.
It's not simply that many of the Olympic sports - Greco-Roman wrestling, diving, three-day eventing, modern pentathlon, smallbore rifle, archery, judo, weightlifting, yachting, gymnastics, synchronised swimming, beach volleyball and sculling, to name but thirteen - leave me cold.
In Greco-Roman Wrestling, athletes are only allowed to use their arms and upper bodies to attack their opponents' upper bodies.
FILA is the body responsible for supervising Olympic wrestling, and so competitions for freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling take place every Summer Olympiad.
The 47-year-old has been dismissed as an 11-4 chance, but this could be a good match-up for him as his superb greco-roman wrestling skills may give Machida a nightmare.
We had no choice," says Anil Kumar, who won the 96 kg Greco-Roman wrestling gold.
ADOPTED Geordie Terence Bosson is celebrating today after clinching a silver medal in the Greco-Roman wrestling at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi.
The federation will evaluate the competitions and test of this month's end at al-Kadhemiya club for Greco-Roman wrestling and al-Aadhamiya club for freestyle wrestling, he added.
In high school, Kantor was a three-time state champion, a national champion, and a two-time All-American in Greco-Roman wrestling.
A Tennessee-based writer and teacher on law and sports, Hudson focuses on boxing and mixed martial arts, the two most popular and widely practiced combat sports today, but also provides information on kickboxing, savate, sambo, sumo wrestling, and Greco-Roman wrestling.
similar to Greco-Roman wrestling, the Indo-Pakistani version of the sport has been suffering a decline in its native countries, while flourishing in Dubai.
And he also placed first in his category at the 1992 national Greco-Roman wrestling tournament.