Greco-Roman wrestling

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a style of wrestling where the wrestlers are forbidden to tackle or trip or use holds below the waist

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Lieutenant Commander Alsandro "Jay" Turner, recently competed in the Age Group Greco Roman Wrestling World Championships in Kouvola, Finland.
Jay has been wrestling in various styles for 22 years, but started competing in the upper body focused sport of Greco Roman wrestling several years ago.
Member of Kyrgyzstan Olympic team in Greco Roman wrestling Kanat Begaliev in first fight won the US sportsman Detchler Jake, in quarterfinal our fighter was stronger than Ukrainian Armen Vardanyan.
Ultimate fighting, which is a combination of the four Olympic sports of boxing, judo, Tae kwon do and Greco Roman wrestling, is expected to draw a big crowd for the event.
He's done track, swimming, and Greco Roman wrestling at annual police and fire games.
Ultimate fighting is a combination of the four Olympic sports of boxing, judo, tae kwon do and Greco Roman wrestling.
If you think there are no connections between Greco Roman Wrestling, the oldest and most prestigious athletic event in the world, and the once controversial Ultimate Fighting Championship, think again.
Photo: Rulon Gardner, who ended the 13-year undefeated streak of Russia's Alexander Karelin to win the gold medal in Greco Roman wrestling, carried the U.
After getting himself back into shape by competing in small tournaments sponsored by the Tri-County Wrestling Association, Smithson surprised himself and a few others by winning the California Greco Roman Wrestling Title in 1996.