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Spanish painter (born in Greece) remembered for his religious works characterized by elongated human forms and dramatic use of color (1541-1614)

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16) Il cieco automatismo del ciclo e un'invenzione della filosofia greca.
Escala de ansiedad social para adolescentes" (Social Anxiety Scale for Adolescents, SAS-A; La Greca y Lopez, 1998).
Questo secondo caso risulta oltremodo interessante poiche, come osserva Daneloni, (28) costituisce l'unica citazione greca dal testo del lessicografo di Naucrati presente nella centuria prima.
Bonanno (2005) has investigated potentially traumatic events for over 15 years (Bonanno, Brewin, Kaniasty, & La Greca, 2010).
Although the factors that may influence misperception of weight status are unclear, a growing body of literature suggests that weight norms, ideals, and perceptions are greatly influenced by an adolescent's social networks (Mackey and La Greca 2008; Maximova et al.
Early peer rejection has been found to predict delinquency and externalizing behavior in adolescence (Bagwell, Molina, Kashdan, Pelham, & Hoza, 2006; Laird, Jordan, Dodge, Petit, & Bates, 2001; Prinstein & La Greca, 2004).
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Furthermore, it is important to be mindful that children progress through the following five phases as they process the aftermath of a catastrophe, and that each phase is associated with a different reaction (Silverman & La Greca, 2002).
La Greca brilliantly develops her characters to be graceful and elegant when manners were boundless, dress was significantly important, and the adventures of all classes were intriguing.
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During this time, individuals come to rely emotionally more on their romantic partners than their friends (Kuttler and La Greca 2004).
Paolo La Greca of Italy, for instance, assumed that the presence of two downtown rail lines meant that people who live and work in Junction City commute by train.
In Studi di linguistica greca I, Pierluigi Cuzzolin (ed.
Wood's extensive study of Giovanni Bellini's Madonna Greca and San Giobbe altarpiece traces the Byzantium devotional legacy while introducing Venetian workshop practice.
We were also impressed by the king prawns a la Greca, fried with garlic, chilli, coriander, onion and tomato, with little chunks of feta cheese.