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Synonyms for inequality


Synonyms for inequality

the condition or fact of being unequal, as in age, rank, or degree

Antonyms for inequality

lack of equality

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Decreasing order of potassium was observed in such a way; Nur Aseel (P) greater than Ghuray Wari (P) greater than Allah Wari (NP) greater than Asul
We concur with Ms Walden that tachycardia is greater than 100/min rather than 120/min.
When the groups were examined for viral rebound (viral load greater than 500 copies/mL), none of the early HAART patients rebounded, whereas 8 in the delayed HAART group had viral rebounds.
034 ozAu/st) associated elements: 660 to 1120 feet of greater than 100 ppm As up to 1588 ppm As, and 970 to 1095 feet of greater than 30 ppm Sb, up to 162 ppm Sb.
Kevin is also applying this screen to stocks trading at greater than or equal to $5 with a minimum of at least 50,000 shares traded daily.
Change Q1 Estimates over the last 4 weeks greater than or equal to 0 (earnings with fresh upward revisions)
To be eligible to participate in the study, patients must have been receiving methotrexate and have had active rheumatoid arthritis defined as greater than or equal to 8 swollen joints, greater than or equal to 10 tender joints and two out of three of the following: elevated CRP, morning stiffness greater than or equal to 45 minutes, or patient assessment of disease activity greater than or equal to 4 on a 1-10 scale.
Scores greater than or equal to 720 and less than 660, respectively.
00 per kilogram(a) and by 2005 the price will be no greater than US$25.
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