Greater Sunda Islands

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a chain of islands including Borneo and Celebes and Java and Sumatra

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Main conclusions: Although low sea levels during the Pleistocene in all probability facilitated the dispersal of freshwater crabs among the Greater Sunda islands (excluding Sulawesi, which is not part of the Sunda Shelf), there is no complete Pleistocene geographical admixture of species, and pre-Pleistocene biogeographical patterns were retained.
Scleropages formosus is distributed extensively in mainland and insular Southeast Asia almost entirely within the geographical area of the former Greater Sunda River basin (Fig.
The Tenasserim or Tananthayi River basin of peninsular Myanmar lies outside the area formerly occupied by the Greater Sunda River.
It is also found in Maluku and Borneo, known as the Greater Sunda Islands of Indonesia.
The species has a very large distribution ranging from southern China and South-East Asia to the Greater Sundas and the Philippines (MacKinnon et al.
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