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Synonyms for notch

Synonyms for notch

one of the units in a course, as on an ascending or descending scale

to gain (a point or points) in a game or contest

Synonyms for notch

a V-shaped indentation

the location in a range of mountains of a geological formation that is lower than the surrounding peaks

a V-shaped or U-shaped indentation carved or scratched into a surface

a small cut


Related Words

cut or make a notch into

notch a surface to record something

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The transgluteal supine SWL is ideal for targeting the distal ureter through the greater sciatic notch, thus bypassing the bony impedance by the pelvis.
It courses through the greater sciatic notch to insert onto the greater trochanter of the femur.
The peroneal nerve is tethered proximally in the greater sciatic notch and distally where it passes through fibrous tunnel around the knee; therefore, it has limited mobility of only 0.
In view of the significant amount of feculent material draining from the rectum through the greater sciatic notch in the presence of fecal diversion (colostomy), we suspected that there might be an underlying fistula between the adherent small bowel loop and the recurrent rectal tumor either as a result of previous radiotherapy or direct tumor invasion.
In the morphometry of greater sciatic notch, the bone viewed from dorsal aspect & the shape of greater sciatic notch was studied which is shallow in females & deep in males.
INTRODUCTION: Piriformis syndrome is a painful musculoskeletal condition resembling sciatica, secondary to sciatic nerve entrapment in piriformis muscle at the greater sciatic notch.
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