great saphenous vein

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the longest vein in the body

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Some argue that the greater saphenous vein has difficulty tolerating infection and should not be used in infected or radiated fields, but Reilly showed good results in infected and radiated fields using the greater saphenous vein for reconstruction with no vascular suture line disruptions in a 3- to 50-month follow-up (29).
This market consists of greater saphenous vein (GSV) treatments, endovenous laser ablation (ELA), endovenous radio frequency ablation (ERFA), and surgical stripping, as well as non- GSV treatments phlebectomy and sclerotherapy.
A common cause of varicose veins is reflux within the greater saphenous vein in the thigh, which leads to pooling in the visible varicose veins below.
Diomed's target market for the VeinViewer(TM) encompasses physician specialties practicing radio frequency and endovenous laser ablation of the greater saphenous vein and its tributaries.
Additionally, as vein treatment continues its move from the hospital to outpatient facilities and physicians' offices, we expect to leverage our existing sales and marketing organization by offering physicians an array of medical tools for the treatment of superficial venous disorders, from reflux of the greater saphenous vein to unsightly spider veins.
ATLANTA -- Dornier MedTech recently received FDA clearance for the Endoluminal Laser Ablation of the Greater Saphenous Vein (ELAS) procedure using its revolutionary D940 diode laser system.
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